Contemporary Chinese Artworks
Contemporary Chinese Artworks
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「CNY in the Imperial City 四九城裡過新春」· 牛志曄 NIU Zhiye & 恆錦 Hang Kam · PMQ 元創方

牛志曄 NIU Zhiye 愛新覺羅 恆錦
牛志曄 NIU Zhiye
愛新覺羅 恆錦 Hang Kam
Time: 01.2 - 31.3.2022 (Thur)
Location: S311, Block A, PMQ-Staunton, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong
AI Gallery started the new year with the exhibition “Chinese New Year in the Imperial City”. The exhibition showcased the works of two artists from Beijing, depicting the unique cultural landscape of the “Imperial City”. Aixinjueluo Hengjin, who specializes in Chinese contemporary royal court paintings, presents his new works for the Year of Tiger. His works are graceful and famous for the rigorous composition. Another artist, Niu Zhiye’s works express best wishes for the new year by depicting the magpie, the bird of luck. The gallery hopes to send its best wishes to the city with the exhibition.

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