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「Nostalgia for Water Town 夢回江南」 · 高小雲 GAO Xiaoyun · PMQ 元創方

Gao Xiaoyun 高小雲

Time: 01/04/2022--23/05/2022

Location: S311, Block A, PMQ-Staunton, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

"I am rafting alone in the long river of time, and the place where a flat boat floats is my Jiangnan."

In the creation of Shanghai artist Gao Xiaoyun, the Jiangnan water town can be regarded as a cultural symbol. The faint rain, misty bridge, flowing water, and the floating boat, all interpret in a moving way the truest Jiangnan Spirit. Beyond a realistic scenery, Gao Xiaoyun portrays water town in a poetic and dreamlike way, giving the viewers infinite imagination space with a glimpse of clear and translucent colours. In his ingenious creation the memory and reality overlap with each other, softly enveloping a dreamlike poetry. With the exquisitely blurred boundary of time and space, the charm of ancient oriental art "there is painting in poetry, and there is poetry in painting" shines in his hands. 

A series of Gao Xiaoyun’s oil paintings with the theme of water town are curated this time to show how the artist pursues static and dynamic, active and passive intervention in the language of imagery landscape work. Welcome to AI Gallery to breathe with us the beautiful nostalgia and get lost for a while in the wonderland.

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About the artist

Gao Xiaoyun (Gao Jing) was born in Shaan Xi province, China and graduated from the Department of Oil Painting, the China Academy of Fine Art. He currently lives and works in Shanghai. He participated in the development of the Shanghai Pudong Artist Village and Puxi Art District, and founded the Cloud Gallery, 3A Gallery, and Xiaoyun Culture. His oil paintings contains the spirit of ink brush art, hence have been collected extensively in the UK, Holland, the USA, Germany, France, Australia, Switzerland, Israel, Taiwan, Singapore and China.

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隨著此次高小雲的一系列水鄉主題的畫作在AI Gallery中展出,您可以看到在意象風景作品中,藝術家是如何呈現動靜交織的視覺效果,以及主動同被動的介入語言。歡迎大家來此仙境中短暫一遊,同我們一起做一場美麗懷舊的夢。





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