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「The Flowing Seasons 四季流轉 」· John Wong 黃約翰 · FWD HOUSE 1881

1881 John Wong

John Wong 1881

John Wong 1881

Time: 20/01 - 14/05, 2022, 12pm-6pm

Location: FWD HOUSE 1881, Main Bldg, 1881 Heritage, 2A Canton Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong  

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The people of Hong Kong have always valued the celebration of Chinese New Year. During this special time AI Gallery presents this New Ink art exhibition from local artist John Wong in 1881 FWD HOUSE, whose artworks aim to inspire joy and festiveness with unique point-line-plane structures and the bright colours.

The visual effects of John Wong’s artworks transform the stereotype of the Chinese ink art (Shui-Mo) held by many people. By combining the conceptual simplicity and profound philosophy of traditional Chinese art with the expressive lights, shadows, and colours reminiscent of contemporary Western art, John Wong explores a new balance. A balance between black and colourful, tradition and modernity, the East and the West, analogous with the successful revitalization design of 1881 Heritage that achieves a harmony of the ancient and the modern. The sea is the continuous inspiration and main theme of John’s works, also fit 1881 Heritage’s background as the former Marine Police Headquarter before revitalisation.

Among the thirty artworks exhibited, you can see the unique “Breaking Force of Light” skills created by John Wong, as well as the “Word-painting” derived from the Chinese calligraphy. You can feel the passion and romance from the golden sea and the sunset, as well as the reservation and icy chill from the snow mountain and glaciers. But the cold winter is always followed by the green of spring, and we thus begin the cycle of seasons anew and in the same way we can always renew our hope for the future.






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