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曹璇璣 Yana Cao

曹璇璣, Yana Cao








Cao Xuan, with the given name Xuanji, was born in 1989 in Taiyuan, Shanxi, and currently resides in Guangzhou. She is an artist, art theorist, and holds a Ph.D. in philosophy. She graduated from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts, and the New Asia Institute in Hong Kong.

In the early stages of her career, Cao's painting style focused mainly on line expression, rooted in traditional painting techniques. However, through her own reflection, she delved into the study of art history and gradually explored historical, cultural, and philosophical considerations. Xuanji transformed the language, patterns, and graphics of philosophical thought into a painting language, resulting in significant accomplishments and the formation of her unique style.

At the same time, Xuanji continuously breaks through in her approach to art. Her works move back and forth between reality and virtuality. She creates digital works and then reworks them in physical form, which is in line with the current means of dissemination. Her works can quickly spread through virtual space and be replicated through transfer and copying techniques, while still maintaining their uniqueness, just as no two leaves are the same. From this perspective, the medium of her works in itself is very influential and inspirational.

Xuanji uses clear and concise painting language to express philosophical, intellectual, and artistic atmospheres. She embodies profound philosophical connotations in a refreshing manner, which is the charm of her works. The images reflected in her painting language are essential for today's cultural and philosophical realms, as they are not the usual tedious and mundane depictions.

For instance, her latest series of works, "Rainbow 199," expresses her belief that the colors of the rainbow represent the colors of love. In this world, there are diverse people with different voices and attitudes, which often contradict each other. Only love can reconcile these contradictions. The faces of different people blur in the rainbow and embrace each other, with small figures flying between the rainbows, and flowers covering the rainbow. Different objects and people can blend together and complement each other through love, creating a beautiful world.

Her works have been exhibited and exchanged in Xi'an, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Chicago, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and other places. In addition to private collections, some of her works are also collected by public institutions, such as the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and National Central University in Taiwan.


2007年西安「穀雨行動」國際行為藝術節 "Grain Rain Action" International Performance Art Festival, Xi'an

2008年西安紡織城藝術區「西安當代藝術十年回顧展」"Xi'an Contemporary Art Ten-Year Retrospective Exhibition," Xi'an Textile City Art District

2010年西安美術學院工藝美術展 Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts Craft Art Exhibition

2014年香港理工大學「當代新儒家譜系藝術計劃」個展 Solo Exhibition, "Contemporary Neo-Confucianism Genealogy Art Project," Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2016年北京宋莊藝術區「藝術新銳作品展」第四屆 "Artistic Newcomers Exhibition," 4th Session, Songzhuang Art District, Beijing

2017年台灣國立中央大學「當代新儒家譜系藝術計劃台灣展」個展 Solo Exhibition, "Contemporary Neo-Confucianism Genealogy Art Project Taiwan Exhibition," National Central University, Taiwan

2018年香港文化中心「香港素描學會第七屆美術作品展」 "7th Artworks Exhibition of Hong Kong Sketch Club," Hong Kong Cultural Centre

2020年香港芝加哥紐約「隔離城下的軌跡」新藝區線上雙人展首期 Online Dual Exhibition, "Traces under Quarantine," Hong Kong Chicago New York Art District

2020年香港文化中心「玲瓏:香港素描學會第八屆美術作品展」 "Ling Long: 8th Artworks Exhibition of Hong Kong Sketch Club," Hong Kong Cultural Centre

2022年香港灣仔會展中心生物與科技展覽「中國數字藝術家委員會成立暨藝術家作品展」 "China Digital Artists Committee Establishment and Artists' Works Exhibition," Biology and Technology Exhibition, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai