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Artist Profile - 高異 GAO Yi

高異 GAO Yi artist 藝術家

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Gao Yi (b. 1981), born in Shaanxi province, China. He graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts, majoring in calligraphy and seal carving. Gao is currently a member of The Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Chinese Calligrapher’s association, and Jiangsu Calligraphy Academe. He is also China Calligrapher’s association’s executive director. Over the years, Gao researched and invented Chinese characters to create a diversified style beyond the limit of traditional calligraphy. His work displays a profound and prescient visionary.
Gao Yi’s works combined the artistic conception of traditional Chinese ink with techniques of contemporary abstract art, which formed his own visual language. The intriguing contrast between proximity and scarcity and the effects of light and shade created breathing space for the viewers to imagine. 「Hua Shuo」 (畫說) once commented on Gao’s work: "The use of black and dark blue in large areas of the painting represents the concept of 無 (nothingness) – simple and scarce. In addition, the thin, vivid, passionate lines and strokes of color created a sharp contrast with the concept of nothingness.” Gao’s award-winning artworks have also been published by many professional newspapers and magazines in the art world.
Gao Yi has participated in many large-scale art exhibitions both in and out of China. His works were exhibited at Shanghai Art Fair, Venice Biennale, British 8,000 Mile Art Exhibition (英國八千英里藝術展), Asia Contemporary Art Show,
「The Belt and Road」Art Plus Shanghai International Fair, Shenzhen International Art Fair, and Art Taipei. Gao’s artworks were auctioned by Xiling Seal Art Society and many other auction houses. The works are very well received by collectors from around the world, his abstract artworks were collected by collectors from different countries like Germany, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, the United States, France, and Malaysia.




Artist Statement 藝術家自述 

Inspiration not only comes from the words of calligraphy, its heart lies in the essence of the brushstrokes. I try to explore meaning within every small detail and movement of the strokes. The clean, sharp, and calligraphy-like brushstrokes blend into the texture and colors on my canvas.
After studying calligraphy for years, I have been loaning for a new form of expression in Chinese calligraphy. The search for a new form is now regarded by art critics as a breakthrough in Chinese art and calligraphy. The breakthrough seeks to build a deeper conceptual world through the form of art, a world that not only includes traditional oriental aesthetics, but also combines it with a contemporary and timely impression.



Selected Exhibitions 精選展覽

2020 「One Painting One Story」Group exhibition, Gao Jianfu Memorial Hall Guangzhou 廣州高劍父紀念館「一畫一故事」群展

         「Ten Thousands Phenomena」Group Exhibition, Tianzifang Art Museum, Shanghai上海田子坊美術館萬象群展

           Group Exhibition, Group Exhibition, Art Hong Kong, Hong Kong 香港「登界遊方」藝術香港空間群展

           Solo Exhibition, Nancy's Gallery, Shanghai 上海南希畫廊舉辦個展

           AArt, Shanghai上海城市艺博展

2019   Art Taipei 台北藝博會 

          「The Belt and Road」Art Plus, Shanghai「一帶一路」藝術上海國際藝博展

           Shenzhen International Art Fair深圳國際藝博展

           Asia Contemporary Art Show 香港亞洲當代藝術展

           Art Busan, Seoul 韓國釜山藝博展

           Singapore Contemporary新加坡藝博展

2018   Art Fair Shanghai 上海藝博會,上海 

2017   Solo exhibition M50 個展 ,上海莫干山M50,上海 

2016   Asia Contemporary Art Fair,香港亞洲當代藝術博覽會,香港 

2015   British 8,000 Mile Group Art Exhibition, London 英國「八千英里」藝術中國倫敦群展

2013   Solo Exhibition個展,田子坊藝術園區,上海 

2012   Solo Exhibition, Tianzifang Art Centre, Shanghai上海田子坊藝術園區舉辦個展

2010 Group exhibition, M50 群展,麥創畫廊,上海 

2009 Group exhibition,開天闢地當代藝術作品展,上海 

2008 Spring Salon Show,上海春季藝術沙龍,上海

          Xiling Seal Art Society Autumn Auction, Zhejiang 浙江西泠印社秋季拍賣

2007 Guest Exhibition of Chinese Master Calligraphy and Paintings韓國 中國名家書畫藝術邀請展

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