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Artist Profile - Yannick Chevrel

Yannick Chevrel

Yannick Chevrel, B. 1963, Brittany, France. Lives and works in Hong Kong.
Chevrel is an abstract expressionist. His art skill was self-taught. He began his exploration by applying acrylic paint on wooden panels that he picked up in the street; he wanted to give these wooden panels a second life and to transform them from ignored trash to noticeable creation.
Colours intricate his curiosity, Chevrel responds to their magic strength by combining them in explosive contrast. His main goal is to awaken viewers, tackle their emotion and make them wonder.  His paintings are his silent tool of communication that may ring the bell to certain people, he hopes.
Chevrel’s favourite medium is acrylic paints which matches his instinctive creative style.  One of his next projects, Chevrel will be published in the 2023 European Art Guide. Hong Kong remains as his base and he is already working on his next local exhibition. 
Artist Statement
Abstract painting to me is parallel reality. It is a free land of expression with no boundaries that offers a wide angle of interpretation. Abstract expressionism is a synonym of freedom.
My painting expression is instinctive. I look for digging out my inner, a sort of exorcism, searching for the deepest real of myself. I choose bright warm colours as I am looking for compensating the grey perspectives of this world. My creations are my attempts of sharing. I believe that the world would be better if we were surrounded by aesthetic art pieces.
Attended Events
2022 “Light of Love” Group exhibition, AI Gallery, Hong Kong
2022 “True Form Exhibition” Digital art exhibition, Contemporary Virtual Art Gallery, London, UK
2022 “Digital Art Exhibition” Digital art exhibition, Artifact Gallery, New York, USA
2021 “HYSTERICA” Digital art exhibition, M.A.D.S Contemporary international Art Gallery, Milan, Italy.

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