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Artist Profile - 高小雲 GAO Xiaoyun


AI Gallery Exhibition

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Gao Xiaoyun (Gao Jing, b.1977) was born in Shaan Xi province, China and graduated from the Department of Oil Painting, the China Academy of Fine Art. He currently lives and works in Shanghai. Heparticipated in the development of the Shanghai Pudong Artist Village and Puxi Art District, and foundedthe “Cloud Gallery”, “3A Gallery” and “Xiaoyun Culture”. He successively created the "Landscape of Northern Shaanxi" series, the semi-abstract "Lady" series, the “Jiangnan Water Village" series, the "Question" series, the "Time" series, the "Chaos" series, and the "Scar" series. His works used to be selected into Venice Biennale 2015 and displayed in many international art shows. His works have been collected extensively in the UK, Holland, the USA, Germany, France, Australia, Switzerland, Israel, Taiwan,Singapore, and China.

Artistic Concepts

For many years, I have been consistently searching for an ideal visual language and created the"Shaanbei Landscape" series, “Question” series whose subjects are mainly heads and hands. I am pursuing a sense of stillness and motion, objectivity and subjectivity and I never stopped.

Spontaneous, simple, clean, sophisticated, and touching are the first impressions that most people haveon my works. I am trying to create the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. With the highpressure of modern society, we are gradually losing touch with many instincts and becoming lesscompatible with nature. Hence I aim at emancipating man from such demise to re-embrace with every other natural beings.

In term of techniques, it is crucial to paint spontaneously and flexibly to achieve an effect that appears at once “dense and light, quick and slow, hard and soft, cold and warm”.

When I look at an empty canvas, I begin to feel excited and return to peace again. To me, learning to copewith the rise and fall in life is the highest form of existence. Every painting is a part of my life andachievements……I hope others can find their natural essence via my works as well. It is in itself a way of cultivation.





Exhibition History


           Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong

           Shenzhen International Art Fair

2020  “One Belt One Road” Shanghai International Art Fair

           Art Revolution Taipei • Another Chapter

           Gao Jianfu Memorial Hall Group Exhibition, Guangzhou

           Essence Exhibition of Master Oil Paintings, Taipei, Harvest Art Gallery

2019  Ink Now, Taipei

          Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong

          Art Revolution, Taipei

          Shanghai Art Fair


          Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong

          Art Revolution, Taipei

          “Drunken Maple Dyed by Ink”, solo exhibition, Taipei, Harvest Art Gallery

           Art Busan, Seoul

           Shanghai Art Fair

2017  Art Expo Malaysia

          Singapore Contemporary

          Art Revolution, Taipei

          Asia Contemporary Show, Hong Kong

          “Quiet Good Days”, solo exhibition, Taipei

2016   Art Revolution, Taipei

           Singapore Contemporary, Singapore

           Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong

           Affordable Art Fair, London                                                                                                                                                                                                               

2015   Venice Biennale, Venice

2014   “Time is old”, solo exhibition, Tianzifang, Shanghai

           “Civilian and Obscurity”, solo exhibition, M50, Shanghai

2012   “A Scar”, solo exhibition,London, Shanghai

2010   “Start over again”, solo exhibition, M50, Shanghai

2009   Cross-strait cultural exchange exhibition, Shanghai, Taiwan

2008   Spring Art Salon, Shanghai

2007   “Ingenuity”, solo exhibition, 3A Gallery, Shanghai

2006   “Unexpected Inspiration” solo exhibition, Cloud Gallery, Shanghai

2000   The Capital Art Fair, Beijing

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