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Gordon Meier Creation Idea


The three works which make up the “Tiger Love Triangle” are part of a series I began in this Year of the Tiger, 2022. “Loving Self”, “Loving Others”, “Loving Together” are the three individual painting of this series.

My fundamental love of watercolor, ink and paper was a natural choice for this deeply personal and significant series. By truly understanding and sharing the nature and essence of these elements used in creation, I am able to freely express what I experience as love. I love the combination of the unique and unpredictable flow of ink, the translucent beauty and wash of pure color from the watercolor paint, and how both are absorbed over the paper. There is a love of surprise in not knowing exactly how each individual Tiger will appear once the paint has dried. I find great joy in the overall process, the evolution and refinement of skills, along with techniques, deeply engaged as each unique piece blooms into love manifested.

“Tiger Love Triangle” was created immediately after the series “88 Tigers” (2022), which helped me refine my methodology of production. But more importantly it brings my strengthened focus into a meditative and loving act of application, the flow of being immersed in the moment for each stroke of ink and wash of color.

I realised that there was far more beauty to be found in the unique and unpredictable character lines formed from the ink blots, and that the color used could add to the perceived personality of the Tigers, rather than being chosen arbitrarily.
An impartial and unpredictable result for color selection would be necessary.

The color selection would need to be decided by collaboration.
Two Collaborators (A & B) separately review the character lines of each individual Tiger - the perceived expression of the eyes, the mouth and teeth, the quality of the fur, and weight of the pose expressed in the quality of the ink blot.
And from each collaborator’s personality analysis, a representative color is chosen from the set of (24) watercolours to be used on that Tiger.

Within the general outline of the Tiger ink drawing, water is washed over the entire Tiger (except the eyes). The color chosen by each Collaborator is then applied in a meditative way, with a mental focus on the descriptive words related to the color being washed on. The water then separates and disperses the pigment with little additional touch from my brush, allowing nature to take its course.

What is then revealed as the final work is a very pure and organic formation of a beautiful Tiger, in any color or character it takes. Each uniquely and naturally formed Tiger is a manifestation of my own purest love of creation, color, methodology and individual character.

老虎愛三角 (2022)

老虎愛三角主題的三幅畫作是我 2022 年虎年藝術創作系列的一個組成:愛自己他人同心愛”.


老虎愛三角的創作緊隨於”88 老虎(2022)系列的完成。它幫助我完善了我的製作方 法。但更重要的是,它帶我進入深沉冥想和熱愛的狀態中聚焦於每一個動作,悠遊於沈浸在 每筆墨跡和色彩渲染的當下。我意識到更深邃的美存在於墨跡形成的獨特且不可預測的字符線條中,而顏色可用來捕捉覺察的老虎性格,而不是隨意選擇。因此,不帶偏見和不可預知結果的顏色選擇是必要的。顏色的選擇需要通過合作來決定。

兩名合作者(A B)分別審視每隻老虎的角色線條——眼睛、嘴巴和牙齒的感知表情、皮 毛的質量,以及墨跡質感所表達的姿態的份量。依據每個合作者對老虎的個性感知,從一 組 (24) 水彩顏色中選擇一種代表性顏色,用於該老虎。