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Contemporary Chinese Artworks
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Joshua Leung 梁將

Joshua Leung, AI Gallery

Joshua Leung is an emerging young Hong Kong artist who enjoys different forms of art, specializing in paintings and illustrations. Over the years, he has been pursuing his passion through his participation in various art exhibitions and curatorial projects. Joshua thinks that art is a powerful communication tool for values and perspectives, a glue that holds the community together.
His recent painting series “SUNYATA” aims to reveal a strong sense of self-expressionism, alongside the exploration of humanity and the surroundings with the choices of colors and repetitive brushstrokes, constructing ideologies from a new dimension influenced by impressionism art and city nightscapes. He believes that the essence of a human being should live in harmony with nature, an underlying idea presented instinctively in his work.

他最近的繪畫繫列「SUNYATA 空」旨在揭示強烈的自我表現主義意識,同時通過色彩選擇和重複筆觸探索人性和週圍環境,從印象派藝術和城市夜景影響的新維度構建意識形態。他認爲人的本質應該是與自然和諧相處,這一基本理唸在他的作品中本能地呈現出來。

Selected Exhibitions
2022 “Art Festival: A Continued Tradition”, HIYA Group Exhibition, Hong Kong City Hall
2022 “Unlock”, HIYA Group Exhibition, Jao Tsung-I Academy
2022 “Light of Love”, AI Gallery Group Exhibition, Hong Kong Central Library
2021 “Unfounded X Museum of Swearing”, Curator, Urban House Gallery
2020 “FADED II”, Solo Art Exhibition, ACO Art Space
2020 “FADED I”, Solo Art Exhibition, V-Point Causeway Bay
2014 “HKTRC Art Show”, Group Exhibition, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
2013 “HKTRC Art Show”, Group Exhibition, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
2012 “HKTRC Art Show”, Group Exhibition, Hong Kong Cultural Centre