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Artist Profile - Leung Wai Yin 梁慧妍


梁慧姸, 多媒體推廣及設計公司創辦人,為多個公營及商業機構設計不同類型的宣傳產品,亦曾擔任正形設計學院客席講師。自幼便熱愛創作,對藝術有著濃厚興趣, 早年研習西畫及書法,對油畫、水彩和素描速寫甚有心得;近年則集中於現代水墨畫。慧姸曾師從馮燕兒、吳治平、陳法興、黃約翰等老師,從各家老師的教導領略到繪畫最重要是由心出發,以創作展現生活中的各種體驗。她認為作畫技巧應不拘一格,尤其現在可糅合電腦數碼打印技術與中國的傳統筆墨創作,展現中國的陰陽美學與西方的光影色彩美學的精髓,並可透過運用點線面、幾何結構及拓印技巧等,提升畫作的生命力。

Leung Wai-yin, the only awardee from Hong Kong in the Malaysia International Online Juried Art Competition, is the founder of a multimedia promotion and design company which has designed different types of promotional products and marketing collaterals for a number of public and commercial organizations.  She also served as a guest lecturer at the Hong Kong Chingying Institute of Visual Arts.  Leung has been passionate about creation since she was a child and has a keen interest in art. In her early years, she studied Western painting and calligraphy, and mastered good techniques in oil painting, watercolor and sketching.  She has concentrated on modern ink painting in recent years.  Leung once studied under Feng Yan-er, Wu Zhi-ping, Chen Fa-xing, John Wong and other teachers of drawing.  They all inspired her that painting should be started from the heart, to create and express the various experiences in life via the artworks.  Leung believes that painting techniques should be eclectic, in particular that, it is now possible to combine computer digital printing technology with traditional Chinese pen and ink creation to show the essence of aesthetics in Chinese yin and yang and Western light and colours; and also through the use of dots, lines, planes, geometric structures, and Rubbing techniques, etc., to enhance the vitality of the paintings.

Recent Awards and Exhibitions

 2021 Malaysia International Online Juried Art Competition (Landscape), Top 80

2021 Malaysia International Online Juried Art Competition (Animals), Merit Award

2022 1st National Online Art Exhibition30 Eminent Artist, India


2020 「法與法現」Group Exhibition, JCCAC, Hong Kong

2021 Korea China Japan Culture Cooperation Art Festival 2021

2021 Japan International Watercolour Exhibition

2022 International Virtual Art Festival

2022 Manikarnika Art Gallery 7th International Art Exhibition

2022 Art Central, 「Gwo Wai 」Curated Booth

2022「Infinity — Sky, Earth, Human 無限—天,地,人」, AI Gallery, PMQ