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Rainb.w (Rainbow) 出生於香港,是本地藝術家,擅長繪畫城市景觀和風景。她以畫香港街頭景色而聞名。她相信很多地方都有藏著情感和可述說的故事,她的作品就是基於這個概念,發展成以呈現燈光、陰影和顏色的獨特風格,表達某些情緒和氛圍。她希望將這些故事帶入生活,讓觀眾體驗並融入現場的感覺和喚起他們自己的回憶。她在本地和國際上的藝術領域都有豐富的經驗和曝光度。
作為一名藝術家,Rainbow 認為創作的核心在於作品的表達和目的。她不限於只關注繪畫和傳統藝術,目前她也正在探索數位藝術,例如動畫、電影和數字插圖。她希望繼續在創作的旅程中發現情感共鳴,最終為她所接觸的人帶來希望和美麗。她的更多作品可以瀏覽 或

Born in Hong Kong, Rainb.w (Rainbow) is a local artist who specialises in painting cityscapes andlandscapes, she is especially known for her paintings of the streets of Hong Kong. She believes that many places and feelings are worthy of a story to tell, her artworks based on this concept, are developed into a unique style known for presenting lights, shadows, and colours. Expressing certain moods and atmospheres, she hopes to bring these stories to life and for the audience to
experience the scene and evoke memories of their own to relate. She has extensive experience and exposure both local and internationally in the field of art.
As an artist, Rainbow believes that the core of creating is in its expression and purpose. She does not limit herself to only painting and traditional arts, but is currently on her path of exploring digital mediums such as animation, film and digital illustration. She hopes to continue on this journey of creating works that are emotionally resonating, ultimately bringing hope and beauty to those she reaches. More of her works can be seen at or

Solo Exhibitions
2022 May: Before Dawn Solo Exhibition, PMQ
2019 Jan : Duo Exhibit of Watercolor, Hong Kong Visual Art Centre
2017 Nov: “Pause For a Second” Solo Watercolor Exhibition, Rainze Gallery Hong Kong
2015 August: “A Walk at Night” Solo Watercolour Exhibition, Voxfire Gallery Agency Hong Kong
2015 April: “Journey to Places” Solo Watercolour Exhibition, Gallery by the Harbour, Harbour City Hong Kong
2014 November: “Moments” Solo Watercolor Exhibition, Wan Fung Art Gallery Hong Kong
2014 October: “Moments” Solo Watercolor Exhibition, Hong Kong Cultural Center (1st Stop) Visiting Artist / Demonstrations
2021 Wah Yan College
2019 Diocesan Girls’ School
2019 Pui Tak Canossian College
2018 Ontario Canada, A Symphony of Watercolor
2018 The Justice Conference Asia (HK)
2018, Prague Czech Republic, IWS Exhibition
2018, Fabriano Italy, Fabriano in Acquarello
2017 Fong Shu Chuen District Elderly Community Centre
2018 Sai Kung Art and About
2017 Renaissance College HK
2017 Tung Wah Group of Hospital Elderly Centre
2017 Bulgaria, IWS Exhibition
2021 Winner / The Best of Watercolor: Splash 22 Competition
2021 2nd Place / Indonesia International Watercolor Competition and Exhibition 2021
2021 Honourable Award / 遇見水彩全國第三屆水彩畫網絡展
2021 Merit / Brushstrokes of Harmony” 2021 California First International Online Juried Exhibition
2021 Honourable Award / International Pyrenees Watercolour Contest & Exhibition 2021, Pyrenees France
2020 Excellence Award / 廣⻄水彩畫年度展

2020 Runners up / Adobe #FromMeToYou Video Contest
2020 Third Place / IWS France Art ET Sante Watercolor Exhibition
2020 Honorable Mention / Mini Castra Slovenia Watercolor Exhibition
2019 Best Artist Award / Vietnam Watercolor Biennale
2017 Best Young Artist / Albania Watercolor Biennale
2018 New Comer Award / 1st Malaysia International Watercolor Biennale
2018 Appreciation Award / 1st Czech Republic International Watercolor Festival
2018 SM Sultan Award / 1st Bangladesh International Watercolor Festival
2017 Honorable Mention / Zeugma Mozaik Muzesi,Gaziantep Watercolor Contest,Turkey
2017 Honorable Mention / The 1st International Biennale of Watercolor Bolivia
2017 Best Young Artist / 2nd Albania International Watercolor Biennale
2017 Honorable Mention / 1st Bulgaria International Watercolor Triennale
2016 Third Place / International Watercolor Magazine online contest
2015 Merit / Louisiana Watercolor Society
2014 Honorable Mention/ International Students’ Visual Arts Contest-cum-Exhibition
2014 Winner / Hong Kong Young Emerging Artists Competition (Organized by HKAC)
2013 Winner / Art Bus on the Move (Organized by Hong Kong Education Department)
2013 Merit / Youth and Children Illustrated Story Book Competition
2012 Art Ambassador / 4th Arts Ambassador awarded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council
2012 Merit Prize / 2012 Xu Bei Hong Arts Cup Competition for Young Adults and Children (Hong Kong) (Organized by Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups)
2011 Overall Winner, named Artist of the Sea / “ My Ocean” Drawing Competition
(Organised by Ocean Geographic)
2011 First Prize / Global Village 2011-2012 Drawing Competition (Organised by International
Culture Exchange Hong Kong)
2010 Winner & Second Prize (2 entries submitted) / Asia Pacific Drawing Competition Press and Publications
2021 Hong Kong Commercial Radio 881903【馬路自己友】回憶的街道畫下思念| 城市畫家
2021 Splash 22, Best Of Watercolor, Presented by Artists Magazine and American Artist
2021 Hong Kong Vogue 支持本地藝術家 | 最新展覽「Driven 」集合17位藝術家作品
2021 Hashtag Legend, “Driven” featuring 17 Hong Kong artists
2020 Cityscape Corners, Watercolor Collection by Rainbow
2020 Splash 21, Best Of Watercolor (North Light Book)
2019 Splash 20, Best Of Watercolor (North Light Book)
2018 Splash 19, Best Of Watercolor (North Light Book)
2017 Splash 18, Best Of Watercolor (North Light Book)
2017 International Watercolor Magazine ( Sep issue )
2016 The Artist’s Magazine, January/February 2016 Issue
2015 中國當代水水水水彩畫精品集, 第一一號
2015 Hong Kong Economic Journal, August 4 2015 Feature
2015 HK Magazine, March 2015 Feature
2015 Rainbow Tse Watercolour Collection
2014 Localiiz Hong Kong, Interview
2014 Southwest Art Magazine, December
2014 Issue Feature 2014 SCMP, “Moments” Exhibition Interview
2014, “Closer” Exhibition interview
Group Exhibitions
2021 May: “Driven” by Hong Kong Arts Collective x Zung Fu
2021 May: International Pyrenees Watercolour Contest & Exhibition 2021, Pyrenees France
2021 April: Indonesia International Watercolor Competition and Exhibition 2021
2021 March: 遇見水彩全國第三屆水彩畫網絡展
2021 Jan: “Brushstrokes of Harmony” 2021 California First International Online Juried Exhibition
2021 Jan: World of High Watercolor II International Art Festival
2020 Nov: 廣⻄水彩畫年度展
2020 Nov: IWS France Art ET Sante Watercolor Exhibition

2020 Nov: Square Print Exhibition, Hong Kong Arts Collective
2019 July: Homegrown, Hong Kong Arts Collective
2019 May: Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair
2018 Nov: Embrace Life Watercolor Exhibition, Lingnan University Hong Kong
2018 October: A Symphony in Watercolor, IWS Canada
2018 August: 1st International Watercolor Festival of IWS Czech Republic
2018 June: Midsummer Flowers, Hong Kong Watercolour Society
2018 May: Affordable Art Fair HK
2018 May: Fabriano in Acquarello
2017 Dec: BlessAsia International Art Exhibition by Chinese Visual Artists
2017 Dec: 2nd India International Watercolor Biennale, India
2017 Nov: Water Salon II, Greece
2017 Nov: IWS Bolivia International Watercolor Biennale, Bolivia
2017 Oct: Daiwei 1st international Watercolor Exhibiton
2017 Oct: Qingtao 3rd International Watercolor Exhibition
2017 Oct: IWS Vietnam Biennale Watercolor and Love, Hanoi Vietnam
2017 Oct: Hong Kong Watercolor Society Annual Member Show, Cultural Centre Hong Kong
2017 Oct: Lingang Shanghai International Watercolor Exhibition, China
2017 Sep: Heritage@rt International Watercolor Exhibition, Indonesia
2017 Sep: 4th Silk Road International Festival, Xian China
2017 Aug: RE-INTERPRETATION 2017 – International Contemporary Watercolor Exhibition, Tian Zi
Fang Art Center, Shanghai
2017 Aug: Lushan International Watercolor Festival, China
2017 Aug: 1st Jordan international watercolor forum 2017, Jordan
2017 Aug: 上善若水水, Hong Kong Cultural Centre Exhibition Hall
2017 July: Chinese Watercolor Master Invitational Exhibition, Zeugma Mozaik Muzesi, Gaziantep Turkey
2017 June: Hong Kong Guilin exchange exhibition “ Colors of early summer”
2017 May: Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong
2017 May: 1st Portugal international watercolor exhibition
2017 May: Society of Watercolor Artist International Juried Exhibition, USA
2017 May: NWWS 77th Annual International Open Exhibition, USA
2017 May: 5th Shenzhen City Art Fair
2016 October -December: UOB Art Space: Telling Stories: Of Times and Spaces
2016 October: International Watercolor Society China Exhibition (Shanghai, China)
2016 October: 1st International Watercolor Young Masters Invitational Exhibition (Handan, China)
2016 October: Love United International Watercolor Biennale Hong Kong
2016 October: Watercolor International III Thessaloniki 2016 (Greece)
2016 September: Watercolor Continent from East to West (St. Petersburg)
2016 April: Watercolor Fabriano 2016 (Fabriano, Italy)
2016 March: Asia Contemporary Art Show (Hong Kong)
2015 December: 1st International Watercolour Society of Hong Kong Exhibition
2015 December: 1st International Watercolour Society of India Exhibition
2015 September: “Lover Earth – Watercolour Exhbition” International Watercolour Society Indonesia
2015 September/November: 36th Annual International Juried Exhibition, Pennsylvania Watercolour Society
2015 August: “Castra 2015” International Watercolour Society Slovenia
2015 May: LWS 45th International Exhibition, Louisiana Watercolor Society
2015 May: The World Watercolor Triennale 2015, Group Exhibition, Seoul Korea
2015 May: Watercolor Mail Art Exhibition, Group Exhibition, Greece
2015 May: The 7th Continental Watercolor Art Hwa-yang Award, Taiwan
2015 April: Hong Kong Watercolour Society Annual Member Show, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
2015 March: Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong, Conrad Hong Kong
2015 February: Modern Landscape Watercolour Exhibition, Wan Fung Art Gallery Showroom Hong Kong
2014 CSPWC The Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour Juried Exhibition, Toronto Canada
2014 Closer: A Miniature Art Show, PubArt Gallery, Hong Kong
2014 International Students Visual Arts Contest-cum-Exhibition, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
2014 Young Emerging Artist Group Exhibition, ArtTube, Central