Contemporary Chinese Artworks
Contemporary Chinese Artworks
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Shweta Rastogi

Shweta is a renowned Indian artist based in Hong Kong.  Her works are inspired by her beliefs in spirituality, emotions and social issues. She feels every artist dips the brush in her soul and paints her own nature on the canvas. Poised with
this conception, she embarked her journey as an artist several years ago. Being a self-taught learner has helped her expanded her creativity and break the boundaries of conventional structured learning.  Shweta spreads awareness
through her artwork on issues like love for animals, girls education, human rights and meditation.

Shweta holds a professional degree in Fashion Designing and proud to be the first rank holder in her academic year.  Her fashion designing skills bring a style statement in all her artworks.  Since 2014 she is affiliated with various renowned art galleries, and has exhibited her work in several exhibitions across the Asia region. She was credited with the accolade of one of the best 50 Indian young professional artists for a highly prestigious exhibition.

Giving back is a way of life and is more joyous than receiving, and a part of her sales goes out to charity for the causes close to her heart.
Shweta firmly believes that there is art in each one of us, and everyone has their own unique way to portray them. To promote art with kids and adults, she conducts art classes where her students experiment with their thoughts on

Select Art Shows
 Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong, 2021
 HK Street, Hong Kong 2021
 Artnext, Lanson Place,Hong kong 2021
 A Date with Art, Discovery Bay, Hong Kong, 2021
 Abstracted Reality, The Art People Gallery, Malaysia, 2021
 Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai, India, 2021
 Jeeum Art Gallery, Hong Kong, 2020
 2020 World Art Dubai
 2020 Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration, Guagzhou,China
 India Art Festival 2020, Mumbai
 Exhibition at Garden Meow, PMQ Central, Hong Kong, 2019
 “Inward Outwards”, Nido Asia Gallery, Hong Kong. 2019
 Art Discovery Day, Auberge Hotel, 2019
 Kambal Gallery’s “Celebrating Diversity” at Visual Art Centre, 2019
 PETA – ICAC’s “Art for Animals”, 2016
 Affordable Art Fair, 2016
 Prince of Whales Museum Exhibition, 2014
 World Trade Centre Exhibition, 2014