When the East Aesthetically Meets the West
When the East Aesthetically Meets the West
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Wong Lok Tung 黃樂彤

Wong Lok Tung is a dedicated, curious and passionate graphic designer/ artist, who has had a solid career working on branding designs for big brands. When she is an artist, she likes to make complex and detailed drawings, focusing on human fragility and vulnerability to make people feel connected with her art.



Clients mainly in luxury & lifestyle sectors 2014 - present

  • Provided art direction for branding and advertising campaigns

  • Collaborated with well-known creatives such as Ruth Chao and Rowan Chanen

    on creative campaigns

  • Art-directed the campaign MEET THE T. REX for an exhibition at IFC, and created screen adverts, social media graphics, tram adverts, banners etc

  • Produced deliverables on a wide range of digital and print platforms, including logos, branding identities, website, infographics, brochures, packagings etc

  • Did photoshooting and retouched photos, and created illustrations

    Rebel Angelo, creative agency in HK 2018 - 2019

  • Led creative team to deliver conceptual work of highest standard

  • Art-directed social media campaigns for international brands, such as

    Bioderma, Bicelle, Swisse and Dodie whether it is a animated or static feed.

  • Created presentations and pitched to clients

  • Designed print and digital design solutions, including backdrops for events, shopping malls’ banners

    PDC, print & design company in UK for global clients 2017 - 2018

  • Discussed with clients about branding concepts or advertising for their products and advised them on strategy, products, style, layout and colour

  • Designed artworks for Holiday Inn, Hilton Hotels, National Health Service, Wikimedia etc: logos, social media graphics, websites, packagings, magazines, posters, leaflets, newsletters, roller banners etc

  • Handled projects on my own from brief through design to output

  • Oversaw the entire print production process, eg print materials and colour


黃樂彤是一位敬業、好奇和熱情的平面設計師/藝術家,在為 大品牌設計品牌設計方面有著紮實的職業生涯。當她是一名藝 術家時,她喜歡製作複雜而細緻的圖畫,關注人類的脆弱和脆 弱,讓人們感受到與她的藝術的聯繫。


2014 - 現在

  • 為品牌和廣告活動提供藝術指導

  • 與 Ruth Chao 和 Rowan Chanen 等知名創意人合作開展創意活動

  • 為在 IFC 舉辦的展覽 MEET THE T. REX 進行了藝術指導,並製作了屏幕廣告、社交媒體圖形、電車廣告、橫幅等

  • 在各種數字和印刷平台上製作可交付成果,包括徽標、品牌標識、網 站、信息圖表、小冊子、包裝等

  • 拍攝照片和修飾照片,並製作插圖


    Rebel Angelo, 香港創意代理商

    2018 - 2019

  • 帶領創意團隊交付最高標準的概念作品

  • 為 Bioderma、Bicelle、Swisse 和 Dodie 等國際品牌提供藝術指導的社交媒體活動,無論是動畫還是靜態信息流

  • 創建演示文稿並向客戶推銷

  • 設計印刷和數字設計解決方案,包括活動背景、購物中心橫幅


    PDC, 面向全球客戶的英國印刷和設計公司

    2017 - 2018

  • 與客戶討論品牌概念或產品廣告,並就戰略、產品、風格、佈局和顏色向他們提供建議

  • 為 Holiday Inn, Hilton Hotels 、 National Health Service 、 Wikimedia 等設計的藝術品:標誌、社交媒體圖形、網站、包裝、雜誌、海報、傳單、時事通訊、滾軸橫幅等

  • 從簡報到設計再到輸出,我自己處理項目

  • 監督整個印刷生產過程,例如印刷材料和顏色