When the East Aesthetically Meets the West
When the East Aesthetically Meets the West
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Almost (50 Editions Giclee Print) - Wong Lok Tung 黃樂彤
Almost (50 Editions Giclee Print) - Wong Lok Tung 黃樂彤
Light of Love 愛之光

Almost (50 Editions Giclee Print) - Wong Lok Tung 黃樂彤

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Title: Almost 幾乎

Artist: Wong Lok Tung 黃樂彤 (Hong Kong)
Size: 13” x 17” / 33cm x 43cm
Medium: Giclee print 
藝克利版畫 (framed with anti-reflective glass and Italian wood)

Editions: 50

Available: 2/50-50/50

Year: 2022

No matter how big or small the trauma is, it can leave one feeling alienated from the world, trying to integrate back into society but no longer fitting in. As humans, we all yearn to find connection or feel understood, even if we deny it. The artist hopes 'Almost' can at least make you feel understood, sharing this emotion with you that only you both can understand.

‘Almost’ tells of the beautiful relation of a victim feeling hopeless, but someone willing to help, no matter how bad the trauma is, without any judgement.

The bottom hand is trying its best to hold on. Even when it cannot grab onto the whole hand, it will try to hold onto whatever hope it can find, which is represented by holding onto the index finger, because that is all it could. The title ‘Almost’ reflects the bottom hand very, very nearly slipping away, with just a finger. The way the index and middle fingers are locking into the top hand’s fingers requires very strong strength in order to hold on without falling. This implies that although the burden is pushing us down, we will still try our hardest to keep going even if there is only the tiniest speck of hope. It also alludes the victim desperately wanting someone to save them. The complexity of the strokes implies the indefinable intensity of the emotion you have gone through, that no one can pinpoint, even yourself.

At another angle, the focus point is on the top hand, who is lifting the victim up, no matter how difficult the journey is. Even though the victim might be anxious about being judged, as many of us do, the supporter will never judge or let the difficulty of the journey stop them from trying to help the victim find hope.

無論創傷有多大或多小,都會讓人感到與世界疏遠,試圖重新融入社會但不再融入社會。作為人類,我們都渴 望找到聯繫或感到被理解,即使我們否認它.藝術家希望《幾乎》至少能讓你感到被理解,與你分享這種只有 你倆才能理解的情感。


底部的手正在盡力保持。即使他不能抓住整隻手,他也會試圖抓住他可以找到的任何希望,這表現為抓住食指,因為這是他所能做到的。標題《幾乎》反映了底部的手非常非常幾乎滑落,只有一根手指。食指和中指鎖 定上手手指的方式需要非常強大的力量才能保持不跌倒。這意味著,雖然負擔把我們推倒了,但即使只有最微 小的希望,我們仍然會盡最大努力繼續前進。它還暗示受害者迫切希望有人拯救他們。筆劃的複雜性暗示了你 所經歷的難以定義的情感強度,沒有人能確定,甚至你自己。