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Contemporary Chinese Artworks
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Angel's Brand - Ivan Trieu
Light of Love 愛之光

Angel's Brand - Ivan Trieu

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Ivan Trieu 趙德詩 - Angel's Brand

作品名稱 :《 天使的烙印 》

作品材質 :布面油畫

規格尺寸 :(H)80cm x (W)80cm

創作年份 :2022

作品描述 : 天使的烙印


Angel's Brand

In the dark night of thorns, they lit up their own shimmering light, and after the relay of thousands of people, with the power of a single spark, they finally split the endless night and ushered in the dawn. They gave up rest, neglected their families, and put their lives on the line. Missing turned into strength, this selfless dedication, earnestly fulfilled his sacred duty, and fully demonstrated the era style of the angel in white. Love and hope are a gleam of light in the heart, and when that gleam of lightreappears, the world would become brighter.