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Contemporary Chinese Artworks
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Black Asteroids 16-Stephanie Ng
Light of Love 愛之光

Black Asteroids 16-Stephanie Ng

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Black Asteroids 16

Stephanie Ng (Hong Kong)

Ink and wax on paper



Illusory struggle, hopeful despair, indifferent sensibility, chaotic tranquility, prudent pondering... as the artist navigates through the coexistence of differences, conversation with the stars becomes the journey of self discovery. The series blurs the boundaries between Chinese ink paintings and contemporary paintings with an abstract, multi-media approach through the incorporation of wax. The heating process of wax acts as a reminder of hope, adding light and warmth into the dark reality.

掙扎彷如幻覺、絕望存有希望、感性仍舊冷漠、謐靜糾纏混亂,忖思不離審慎...當藝術 家暢遊於異同之中,與星的對話驟變自我的探索。這個系列模糊了中國水墨畫與當代 繪畫的邊界,以抽象、多媒介的手法,結合了蠟,在加熱的過程中將光、溫度、和希望 賦與黑暗的現實中。