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Still love getting together - Mann Chow 周文志
Light of Love 愛之光

Still love getting together - Mann Chow 周文志

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藝術家 Artist: 周文志 Mann Chow ( Hong Kong )

題目 Title仍然愛在一起 Still love getting together

媒體 Medium: 塑膠彩 Acrylic
尺寸 Dimension80x100cm

創作年份 Creation year2020 4


疫情大流行是每個人都不願意看到的,可是大自然的力量我們不容易抗拒。在抗疫大 疲勞中人的耐力受到挑戰,人與環境及人與大自然及人與人之間產生了很多的矛盾。 怎樣在人人自危的環境中亦能夠與周邊的生態共存,是一項非常巨大的人性考驗。

我們非常願意繼續愛自己,愛家人,愛社區的人,也愛整個大自然。可是愛的力量從 何以來呢?我們如何在這逆境中衍生更多的愛的能量呢?我們唯有調節自己的心思意 念,就是與病毒共存,即是與口罩共存。主動地與周邊的朋友和家人,在自己生於斯 長於斯的地方共同勞力生活。即使在困難中也喜歡與他們親近,與家人朋友共渡難 關;多與人相處,也親近大自然,讓我們從這些親近活動中彰顯彼此愛護的精神。懷 着面對逆境仍處變不驚的心態,透過不同形式的玩樂為周邊的人帶來歡笑和愛的光 芒,燃點對未來的盼望。

Creation idea :

We do not like to face with the pandemic, but the power of nature is not easy to resist. In the anti-epidemic fatigue, our endurance has been challenged, and many conflicts have arisen between people and the environment, between people and nature, and between people and people. How to coexist with the surrounding ecology in an environment where everyone is in danger is a huge human test.

We are very willing to continue to love ourselves, to love our family, to love the people in our community, and to love nature as a whole. But where does the power of love come from? How can we generate more loving energy in this adversity?

The only way we can adjust our minds is to coexist with the virus, that is, to coexist with masks. Take the initiative to live together with the surrounding friends and family in the place where you were born and grew up. Even in difficult times, We try to like to be close to them, to overcome difficulties with family and friends; to get along with people more and to be close to nature, let us show the spirit of caring for each other from these close activities. With the mentality of still being calm in the face of adversity, through different forms of play, we bring the laughter and light of love to the people around us and ignites hope for the future live.