When the East Aesthetically Meets the West
When the East Aesthetically Meets the West
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Dusky Hope - Casalina Hung
Light of Love 愛之光

Dusky Hope - Casalina Hung

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Artist: Casalina Hung

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 50x50cm


Creation idea: This painting was created during the peak of the pandemic. When everything was uncertain and dusky. The painting delivers the hope of warmth among us and in our society. The usage of pink and fuchsi create a warm feeling representing the color of our hearts and most of all LOVE.


About the Artist: Casalina Hung is a self-taught artist, who started a successful Instagram-based portraits and paintings business called Perfectly Imperfect Paintings 3 years ago. She subsequently took painting classes the Hong Kong School of Art. Casa spent many years as a professional working in the visual-creative side of the fashion industry. She has always been passionate about paining and visual arts.