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Goldfish memories - Ivan Trieu
Light of Love 愛之光

Goldfish memories - Ivan Trieu

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Ivan Trieu 趙德詩 - Goldfish memories

作品名稱 :《 火回憶

作品材質 :布面油畫

規格尺寸 :(H)76cm x (W)76cm

創作年份 :2011

作品描述 : 火回憶


Goldfish memories

"Goldfish Street" carries the childhood memories of many Hong Kong people, and it

was also my favorite "aquarium" when I was a child. In its heyday, there were more

than 100 fish stalls of various types, and the streets were filled of water. The goldfish

inside the plastic bags sparkling in the sun, fiery red and gold is here and there .

Such beautiful scene and impression are deeply etched in my mind.......