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Contemporary Chinese Artworks
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Hope is Coming - Leung Wai Yin
Light of Love 愛之光

Hope is Coming - Leung Wai Yin

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希望降臨 Hope is Coming 

梁慧妍 Leung Wai Yin

Mixed media on paper

60cm x 90cm


Pearl of the Orient is the nickname of Hong Kong!

Due to the impact of Covid~19, the beautiful Hong Kong suddenly changed color. Just like the color in this art, the interlacing of black and blue represents the dark epidemic scene of Hong Kong. It is holding on and self-improving. The tenacious vitality is looming, until the golden light of hope slowly descends, smashing the darkness and ushering in hope for Hong Kong!

The people of Hong Kong has never been terrified by any darkness. The light of hope is always in their mind with strong resilience and positive mind. Hope for a better tomorrow!