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Contemporary Chinese Artworks
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Yannick Chevrel


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Acrylic on Canvas

120cm x 90cm


Lost in the woods.

This painting is about the emotion of being lost in the woods. Alone in an isolated area, the nature is unfamiliar with only trees around. Your mind is spinning, it is a mixture of wonders, fear and hope invading the mind. The day is falling and the night is approaching, you are looking for recomfort but no one is around. The trees seem to be the only living standing nature, you start to get used to them after a while and you start to talk to them to secure yourself, after all, trees may have souls ….

This painting is atmospheric. The grey background is the falling night painted with wet and dry brush while the tree trunks are painted with painting knives and an aluminium bar to create contrast and relief.

Being lost in the woods could be an enriching discovery of oneself and other unexpected souls. Hug a tree and talk to the sky.