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Mountains at dawn - Garrick Lam
Light of Love 愛之光

Mountains at dawn - Garrick Lam

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Title: Mountains at dawn 光中的山巒

Artist: Garrick Lam (Hong Kong)


Medium: Acrylic on canvas


Size: 61cm(w) x 30.5cm(h)


Year: 2021


Creation Idea: Climbed restlessly over a dark cold long night. Fought against the chilling snow storm. There was nothing but endless cold and darkness. There were numerous challenges and adverse situation that tried to bring us down. We kept going, holding our hands and kept ascending. After the seemingly endless cold and darkness, a warming light shined. It was the first light of the morning. It shined over the mountain tops and painted the world with gold and white. Itʼs like the angles comes to the world and said, “There is always hope, always light”.

在一個黑暗寒冷的長夜裡不安地攀登著。與寒冷的暴風雪搏鬥。無數的挑戰和不安的 情況,試圖把我們打倒。我們繼續前進,握著我們的手,繼續向前。在看似無盡的寒 冷和黑暗之後,一束溫暖的光照亮了我們。那是早晨的第一道光。它照亮了山頂,給 世界塗上了金色和白色。就像天使來到了世界,說:"永遠有希望,永遠有光明"