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Nam Cheong Pawn Shop - Jack Ngan
Light of Love 愛之光

Nam Cheong Pawn Shop - Jack Ngan

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Nam Cheong Pawn Shop 南昌押

Jack Ngan 顏至言

Oil on Canvas


Nam Cheong Pawn Shop is a Grade III historic building built in 1920. The iconic pawnshop sign featuring the auspicious symbol of an upside-down bat is preserved and it witnesses the once-flourishing pawnbroking industry in the past few decades. Nam Cheong Pawn Shop is located at Sham Shui Po which is one of the areas where grassroots community lives. An old man is pushing a trolley, probably working humbly and diligently in the frontground of the painting. He manifests the spirit of perseverance in adversity.

南昌押建於 1920 年,是一幢三級歷史建築物,保留當舖獨有的經典倒吊蝙蝠招牌,見證着盛極一時的典當行業。南昌押位於深水埗,是香港其中一個草根層階聚居的地區。畫的前方有位老人蹣跚地推着手推車幹活,彰顯着香港人縱使在逆境中,仍然堅毅不屈,不亢不卑的實幹精神。

Artist’s Statement

Living in urban Hong Kong, Jack Ngan is particularly interested in exploring the relationship of light and shade in the depiction of the cityscape. His artworks display personal understanding and unique insights about different perception of physical and emotional reality. The color mood created by applying massive thick paints on canvas without much blending, the style of his paintings is a hybrid of impressionism and realism. For Jack, painting is the medium through which he explores space, time and colors of his visual senses through his observation, interpretation and sensitivity towards the city.

置身香港這個都市,顏至言在繪畫城市時熱衷於發掘光與影的關係,他的作品呈 現出他個人對現實及情感上的獨特領悟及角度。厚塗顏料及沒有太多混色所營造 的色調,令作品結合了印象主義及寫實主義的風格。對顏至言而言,油畫是他用 來探索空間、時間及色彩的媒介,藉以觀察、詮釋和感受這個城市。