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Night Walking #5 - Wong Ho Ming Hermia
Light of Love 愛之光

Night Walking #5 - Wong Ho Ming Hermia

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Night Walking #5 夜歸人#5

Wong Ho Ming Hermia 黃皓明


Oil on canvas

76.2 x 60.96 cm


Even though being stuck in the middle, yet destination is not far away.


Awards of Night walking #5

2022 6th Place Award
th Annual Cityscape2022 Online Art Competition Painting & Other Media Category, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, USA

2021 Best of Show Award
Landscapes 2021, Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, USA

Artist Statement

This series of painting is “Night walking, conversation with the city”.

I have always tried to capture the impression and mood of Hong Kong especially at night. I enjoy the feeling of walking alone with no specific purpose in the urban city at night after a long day’s work. Messages emerged while I saw signals with connotations that I did not notice in the day. This city is like an intimate friend whom I had deep conversations with as I walked and walked.

My paintings are inspired by the environment and the mode of living instead of aiming at objective realism. I am exploring the relationship between people and the city at night. To me, night walking is a spiritual and wearing process that is like a personal dialogue that builds bonding with the city. Dark nights are always poetic and seductive. Neon lights interweaving with traffic lights reflect the emotional linkage between pedestrians and the city. Signals and lights emerge in the darkness. The strong contrast of light and shade at night are subjective and personal messages conveyed by familiar urban sceneries. Inspired by my own life experience, all the sceneries depicted in my paintings are to visualize my impression and complex perception of the city. The boundary between reality and surrealistic dream becomes blurred in the illusion of dim lamp light.

夜歸人 —— 與城市的對話

夜幕低垂,零星落索仍在營業的商店透出昏暗的燈光。熬夜工作的夜歸人獨自踏 上歸家的路,難得把腳步放慢,與這個熟悉的城市好好輕談,在街上逛的過程就 好像一個沈澱的儀式,好讓將壓力放下,放鬆繃緊的心情。 夜裏的城市是誘人的。漆黑中,景物若隱若現,她就像是一個老朋友,隱約浮現 稍縱即逝的訊息,似是在耳邊竊竊私語,現實和夢境的分界變得撲朔迷離。