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Oasis - Galaxy No.2 - Kacey Ko 高嘉莉
Light of Love 愛之光

Oasis - Galaxy No.2 - Kacey Ko 高嘉莉

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題目 Title : Oasis - Galaxy No.2

藝術家 Artist: 高嘉莉 Kacey Ko (Hong Kong)

媒介 Medium : Oil on Linen

尺寸 Size : 50 x 50 cm

創作年份 Year : 2022

Creation ideas

Disheartened by her observations of lonely urbanites at the height of the pandemic, she devoted herself to creating“Oasis” since January 2021, in the hopes of bringing to life a fantastical world that instills colour, energy and compassion to those around her.The series evokes a sense of dreaminess and tranquility, inviting the viewer to discover calmness through the vastness of the “earth” and find energy through the richness of colours. The artist hopes viewers could take a short breather from their busy lives and take the opportunity to experience moments of introspection and reconnect with their inner voice in a mental and visual state that is free from hindrance.

高嘉莉自 2021 1 月埋首創作「願.圓融」,描繪內心的綠洲。疫情下,高嘉莉體會都市 人營營役役的孤獨日常。在這抑鬱的氣候中,藝術家特別以雲彩配合風景為題材, 以超越想像的色彩運用,釋放繃緊的心,表達對無爭無礙的嚮往,亦祈盼藉著創作,啟發觀賞者多觀照內心。在無法隨心出走的日子,也可心無掛礙,行無所礙。