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Oceans Together - Virginia van Gaalen
Light of Love 愛之光

Oceans Together - Virginia van Gaalen

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Title: Oceans Together

Artist: Virginia van Gaalen

Medium: Acrylic and mixed media on wood

30cm x 30cm 


Communication during these dark and uncertain times has been the key to sanity and survival. The islands in the painting and dashes within represent people, united. ‘Óceans Together’ is a metaphor for how people/ships are held together during turbulent and troubled times. Reaching islands, touching base, raising flags, communicating, connecting with loved ones and friends, providing a refuge when needed - being that docking station when times are difficult.The silver and gold hints are collages of ghost money that has been used as a symbol for all those that have passed during these times. The soft white and glow of ochre represent the inner spirit, almost invisible, however steadfast, holding on, knowing that there is a light nearing - there is a horizon.

在這些黑暗和不確定的時期,溝通一直是理智和生存的關鍵。畫中的島嶼和內部的虛線代表團結一致的人們。 Óceans Together」是對在動蕩和困難時期如何將人/船團結在一起的隱喻。 到達島嶼,觸摸基地,升旗,交流,與親人和朋友聯繫,在需要時提供避難所——當困難時的停靠站。少量的銀色和金色是紙錢的拼貼畫,曾被用作象徵對於那些在這段時間里逝去的人。柔和的白色和赭色的光芒代表了內在的精神,幾乎看不見,但堅定不移,堅持著,知道有光在靠近——這兒有地平線。