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Portal to the unknown - BasBee
Light of Love 愛之光

Portal to the unknown - BasBee

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Title: Portal to the unknown


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Size: 30x40in (75x100cm)
Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas – Blending technique.
Year: 2022
Inspiration: Imagine a sunset that never ends, a tenacious blinding light towards which nobody adventured yet. You can hardly distinguish its limits or focus on one point, but you feel its attraction already, bringing you closer. There’s only one way out, to frankly embrace this light and step forward into the Portal to the unknown.
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中: 布面丙烯-混合技術

靈感:想象一場永無止境的日落,從未有人去探險過的,頑強而幾乎致盲的光。 你幾乎無法分辨出它們的界限,也無法只集中於某一個點。但你已經可以感受到它的吸引力,你情不自禁地想再靠近一點
。 眼前只有一條出路,全然地擁抱這道光, 然後向前邁進未知之門。