Contemporary Chinese Artworks
Contemporary Chinese Artworks
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Yannick Chevrel


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Acrylic on Canvas

120cm x 90cm


A pure fantasy world of the moment channeled by music and wine.

The creative part of this painting is due to a total free approach of expression.

It was painted in two stages. The first stage was a wild first go, ended up with blue as the dominant colour.  It turned into red-orange at the second stage. Specifically, a dialogue took place between Chevrel and the painting. He responded to the painting with emotion and intuition to shape Red Jungle as it is now.

He circled few color spots by instinct. These colour spots gave the characteristic identity of Red Jungle. There is mountain, a forest, a donkey, and a horse head and maybe more in the painting…nature and animals. This jungle triggers the eyes without aggression. The warm colours smooth it all.

The process was steps of unpredictability and surprises.

Red Jungle is unique; it is the mirror of one particular moment of the creator’s life that cannot be repeated.