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Repenting  - Elsa Chan 陳雪熒
Light of Love 愛之光

Repenting - Elsa Chan 陳雪熒

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題目 Title: 懺悔 Repenting

藝術家 Artist: 陳雪熒 Chan Suet Ying, Elsa (Hong Kong)

媒介 Medium: 中國水墨 Chinese Ink and Colour

尺寸 Size: 72 x 48 cm

創作年份 Year: 2021

地藏王曾發宏願:地獄不空,誓不成佛。 他以度盡一切眾生為己任。

佛教中有五戒, 在殺、盜、淫、,妄、酒之中,以殺罪最重。

對一切曾經直接或間接被我傷害過的大小生命, 我深深合十禮拜,祈求得到原諒, 並發願勤修戒定慧,息滅貪瞋癡, 好好清淨身、口、意, 為過去所作的罪業誠心懺悔。

I believed we have all heard the extraordinary vow Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva made during his exceptional practice. Bodhisattva has sworn to bring countless wrongdoing sufferings toward repentance, thus allowing them to attain peace and happiness. This will enable them to achieve enlightenment, or I shall not become a Buddha.

In Buddhism, we have five precepts which are abstain from killing, stealing, sexually misconduct, lying and intoxication. As we all know, murder is the most serious crime. I deeply prayed for those living beings who have been directly or indirectly hurt by me. I pray for forgiveness.

I also vowed for cultivation of precepts in order to further concentrate on Buddhism practice. I shall put an end on the greediness, hatred and delusion.

I shall purified my mind and the languages I have been spoken, hopefully to repent for the past sins.