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Riders on the Storm-Aleksandra Kashina
Light of Love 愛之光

Riders on the Storm-Aleksandra Kashina

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Riders on the Storm 風暴中的騎士

Aleksandra Kashina

Mixed medium


Darkness can be as a storm - all consuming - with uncertainty and fear raging inside your mind and being invisible to all but yourself, yet impossible to escape.

It can spill out in all directions, impacting everything around you and all that you are, draining the world of its colour, food of its taste, and the spirit of your soul, becoming your never-ending reality as you begin to feel adrift and utterly alone...

...until, it changes, and a seemingly random chance encounter can bring into your life a person with their own storm, their own darkness, and... an understanding.

And suddenly you’re no longer alone.

黑暗就像一場風暴——全部吞噬——不確定性和恐懼在你的腦海中肆虐,除了你 自己之外所有人都看不見,但卻無法逃脫。

它可以向四面八方蔓延,影響你周圍的一切,耗盡世界的色彩、味道的食物和你靈 魂的精神,當你開始感到漂泊和完全孤獨時,成為你永無止境的現實...... 直到,它 發生了變化,一個看似隨機的偶然相遇可能會給你的生活帶來一個擁有自己的風 暴、自己的黑暗和......理解的人。


當兩場風暴相撞時——恐懼、懷疑、不確定——突然間,這一切似乎都不那麼可怕 了,你們分享的陪伴減輕了黑暗的重量,讓位於曾經隱藏在你絕望背後的光明和希望。

隨著黑暗的消散和你的愛的增長,它就像雨水一樣滋養你的世界和你的靈魂,並且 ,作為從烏雲覆蓋後冉冉升起的太陽,在你心中生出對未來的溫暖和希,你將共同 分享。