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Contemporary Chinese Artworks
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The Cybernated Metropolis-Joshua Leung
Light of Love 愛之光

The Cybernated Metropolis-Joshua Leung

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“The Cybernated Metropolis” 2022

Medium: Oil On Canvas

Size: 35 x 47 x 1.8 inch

Biography - Joshua Leung 

“Art should be more than just art.” Joshua Leung is a young artist based in Hong Kong, who enjoys painting, illustrating, and creating artworks. Over the years, he has been pursuing his passion and joy through his participation in various art projects and curatorial work. Joshua thinks that art is a powerful communication tool for values and perspectives, a glue that holds the community together.

Currently, he is studying Fine Arts and Design at Renaissance College. His artworks reveal a very strong sense of self-expressionism, alongside the exploration of humanity and the surroundings with the choices of colors and brushstrokes, constructing some ideologies from a new dimension influenced by metaphysics and Chinese Taoism teachings. He believes that the essence of a human being should live in harmony with nature, an underlying idea presented instinctively in his work.

Participated Exhibitions

HKTRC Art Show 2012

HKTRC Art Show 2013

HKTRC Art Show 2014 

FADED - Solo Art Exhibition 2020

Unfounded X Museum of Swearing 2021