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Vibrant Hong Kong “City with a Golden Heart”- III -Shweta Rastogi
Light of Love 愛之光

Vibrant Hong Kong “City with a Golden Heart”- III -Shweta Rastogi

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Vibrant Hong Kong “City with a Golden Heart”-III

Shweta Rastogi

Medium - Mix media with Gold leaf

Size – 50cm ( diameter)

Year - 2021

Vibrant Hong Kong “The City with a Golden Heart” 
Hong Kong city, my love for you can never fade away.  I am awestruck with your resiliency as you go through myriad of challenges.  You always continue to show a Ray of light, a Ray of hope to our (sometimes) wavering hearts.  We always felt sheltered under your roof with safe and secured feel. You made me feel alive and vibrant, hopeful and grateful even when World had other plans. 
There are many such stories that gives me a reason to fall in love with you over n over again, but perhaps words would fall short to tell the world....
This series is a sign of gratitude that I hold for you, the place I call home. Your magic continues to grow on me and you are truly "the  City with a Golden Heart”.