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BasBee is a Swiss autodidact artist who recently moved to Hong Kong in November 2021. From an engineering background, he started his recent painting journey back in May 2021 in Dubai. As an emerging artist, his talent has already got attention from the art world and was invited into the group exhibition「NFT - NEW FREEDOM THINK」 Italy (Milan) and in Spain (Fuerteventura) in March, 2022. He also got interviewed by TVB programme News Magazineduring a group exhibition Light of Lovein Hong Kong Central Library in June, 2022. 

His first motivation was simply to hang artworks on the walls of his home and eventually the colors and flow felt just right, meditative. He learnt about the palettes and textures by repainting over previous unsatisfying works until it clicks.

October 2021 was the tipping point when he envisioned “Pinktober”, with the core goal of dedicating the painting to the Brest Cancer Awareness Month. The artwork is auctioned online, and the proceeds donated to the Dubai “Al Jaleela Foundation” for the Breast Cancer Research & Awareness.

Shortly after his move to Hong Kong, BasBee reiterates this human experience for the Lunar New Year and auctions a painting “A Tiger for the People” then distributes the proceeds in red pockets (Lai see) to the people cleaning the streets of the city.

BasBee mostly works with liquid acrylic and the sweep technique to let the colors express themselves organically or sometimes using a pendulum to create hypnotic backgrounds. His recent focus is also to digitalize his paintings to offer both the physical and associated non- Fungible artwork on the blockchain, as a certificate of authenticity but also to expose in your virtual Metaverse home.

Artist Statement

Art is often considered as a way of expression, a storytelling from the artist to the public, through the finished artwork. The process of “making” art is more like a therapy, a deeper connection between the artist’s mind and the medium.


「NFT - NEW FREEDOM THINK」Group Exhibition, March 28th - April 3rd, 2022, Milan, Italy & Fuerteventura, Spain

Light of Love」Group Exhibition, July 15th - 19th, 2022, Hong Kong Central Library, Hong Kong

「Acrylic Dreamz」Solo Exhibition, October 8th - 15th, 2022, AI Gallery, PMQ, Hong Kong

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